SATR as the eight artists in China in one of the NIKE “IGNITE BRILLIANCE”  art exhibition.

She made the creation of the Air Max 97 and the CR7 two shoes

She used her signature palette (black, white and red) for this project.

To tell a story with the visual effects of colors.

Air Max 97 Creative idea:

   She hope her work conveys a sense of speed. From black to red background of the shoe body, the red curve follows the appearance of the shoes, white strokes like the wind, breakthrough from the air cushion.

CR7 Creative idea:

   The pattern on the tip of the shoe is the pentagon shape of a football, Monochromatic body with red highlight symbolizing energy.The transition between black and white representing stars shining in the dark, while red color represents both strong Chinese heritage, speed and passion on the football field. SATR brought her personal painting style in the splash effect at the back of the shoe.


对Air Max 97 与 CR7 两款鞋进行创作这次的创作


Air Max 97 创作理念:

      AIR MAX 97作为经典款鞋的造型灵感源于新干线高速列车。SATR希望自己的作品也能传达出速度感。由黑至白的背景跟随鞋身曲线的红色白色如风般的笔触从气垫鞋底突破而出。

CR7 创作理念: