SATR’s works in the Graffiti trip 2.0 event in Xi’an, China


《Mon and son》


This time SATR created a pair of snow leopard mothers and sons. In the picture, the mother leopard takes care of the child’s dignity and maternity, and the naivety and loveliness of the young leopard. In her creation, she focuses on the description of snow leopard’s expression. She wants to express the endless source of the earth’s creatures through animal’s emotion and state – “emotions”, “emotions” maintain the balance and progress of nature, the reproduction and survival of animals, and “emotions” are also the driving force for human progress. SATR loves to create animals, and this time she set the subject as snow leopard. Because they are endangered animals, they can better convey her deep thoughts, “Valuable emotions”! Through this creation, she hopes to convey a concept to the public: caring for animals, affection for nature.


SATR在中国西安的Graffiti trip 2.0活动中的作品