SATR’s works in Brisbane Street Art Festival

     “The wall to be painted this time is very long. I want to compare it as an experience or a process. From the right to the left in the picture, from the tiny butterflies to the giant lions, starting with butterflies means there are so many wonderful things in our lives, like the butterfly effect, it accumulates into a giant from a small point. Life has a long way to go. In this process, we grow up from scratch and become extraordinary people in pursuit of a dream that belongs to us. Looking at the picture from left to right, The lion is chasing wolf, wolf chasing the rabbit, rabbit chasing mink, mink chasing swallow, swallow chasing the butterfly. These links are not exactly the way of the food chain. Their combination bursts out from my mind.
I want to express their curiosity: To follow the fresh things that you interested, you are favorite. And hope that people can maintain their curiosity and chase mentality to embrace life. I hope that people who pass through this place and see the wall, no matter which direction they come from, from left to right or from right to left, can have different experiences.”